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Father Rajini’s punch to son Rajini. This is from Netrikann. One of the best movies of Superstar in dual role. Superstar got married with Latha during the shooting of this movie only. The movie released in 1981 and was a superhit.

[media id="10"]

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8 Responses to “Rajini vs Rajini punch (Video)”

  1. smith smith says:

    thanks a lot sundar sir for this post.

    "ithu thaan pada pada peysathum style"

    thanks a lot again!!!

  2. k s amarnath k s amarnath says:

    rajini and latha got married in tirupathi on feb 26 morning 4.30 and rajini attended netrikan shooting at 10 in avm studios on the same day of his marriage this was told by saritha in an interview

  3. Shivaji Shivaji says:

    Rajini looks even more convincing, when he does the villain role, which showcases his style more aptly.


    Endrum anbudan,


  4. murugan murugan says:

    sundarji-by posting this you put me in great trouble-among the two to whom i can support -thalaivaa kalakkal

    My support is to Chakravarthi…. (ஹி…ஹி…!!)

    - Sundar

  5. Sundar

    I always watch Netrikkan in my Home Theatre just for Chakravarthy / and Ramanin Mohanam Song … and today u reminded me of this so I will go and see again.


  6. harisivaji harisivaji says:

    Ya mee too in favour of Chakaravarthi

    i have seen that film many times and eager too watch more

    becoz in that rajni's expression itself speaks

    his way of walking ….wow what a mesmerizing one

    On that days if they want to show a guy as like Manmathan means they will select good looking mens also they will be fair with complexion…but rajini breaked rules too…

    Even though its negative role it overtakes that role He attracted many Hearts

    they way he deleiver his dialogue

    way he change his voice modulation

    no body should think of Near him

    Evergreen Classic

    Ipa kanda nae ellam manamathan solitu thiryuthu poi antha padatha pathu thirunthungapa

  7. harisivaji harisivaji says:

    Forget to say one more:

    To act against rajini as a villian nobody can withstand

    see thats the reason whenever rajini is doing Villian role or dual role as villian and hero

    That will be hit

    ரஜினியை எதிர்க்கவும் ரஜினி தான் தகுதியானவர்

    So think about Endhiran…..???

    ரஜினி யின் வில்லன் நடிப்பிற்கு கிடைத்த வரவேற்ப பார்த்துட்டு

    எங்க இவன் இப்படியே நடிச்சுட்டு இருந்தான மக்கள் ஹீரோவை ஒதுக்கிட்டு

    வில்லனை நேசிக்க ஆரம்பிச்சுடுவாங்க அதனால இவன உடனே ஹீரோ மாற்றி

    ஹீரோ இகு இருக்குற மரியாதைய காபாற்றிகனும் என்று தானோ ரஜினியை ஹீரோ மாற்றி இருப்பாங்க


  8. maraka mudiyatha padam . Thalai sirantha nadigar nam thalaivar!!Wow.

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